Lantern Malak Flavor

This creature appears as a floating ball of pearly light, white but with a slight tint of blue. The light is bright, but not dazzling; instead, it has a soothing quality. On closer inspection, the faintest vestiges - or perhaps beginnings - of a face are visible.

The lantern malak, sometimes called a lantern angel, is the first state of those souls that were sufficiently good as to become petitioners in the upper realms. Though all lantern malakim glow, there are subtle variations in the level of brightness each one exhibits, as well as the exact color taken on - always white, though tinted with any of a variety of hues. A lantern malak is about 2 feet across; its weight is negligible.

It is the role of the lantern malakim to bear messages of faith, hope, peace and joy on behalf of the powers of good. These messages are usually for simple, good-hearted people, rather than earthshaking declarations to entire nations.

While lantern malakim are the lowest members of their choir, they are not unhappy with their humble roles, but joyfully perform them.