ZOPHIEL-Also Zaphiel and Zaphkiel, an angelic prince named as one of the chiefs of the angelic choir of cherubim. He is also sometimes said to be chief of the thrones; the ruling angel of the planet Saturn; and a special patron of Noah, guiding him in the building of the ark and helping to ensure the survival of his family. It is possible that he can be equated with the angel Zaphkiel-listed as an archangel and head of the choir of thrones-but some scholars dispute this.

- Saturn is associated with layer of Chronias
- Zaphkiel in D&D 3.5 is associated with Chronias as its ruler.
- Zaphkiel as the head of the hashmallim (thrones) works well.
- Some issues arise re Zaphkiel as a kerubim, whereby he must be a Seraph or Sarim to both dwell in and leave Chronias. If he is (a?) head of the kerubim choir, that issue is overcome, but leads to a need for him to constantly be a Sarim (i.e. head of kerubim), or else face "exile" (i.e. unable to leave Chronias) when his time of leadership is up.

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